Our history




Islantilla, Huelva

The story of 100 Montaditos began in the year 2000 on a small beach in Islantilla, Huelva, with a revolutionary, simple and easy gastronomic concept, with high-quality ingredients and a wide variety of products, as well as the fun way to place the orders. And this combination has turned out to be a complete success.

The Concept

A fun and different way to enjoy food. A place to share experiences and let yourself go.

The Product

Talking about 100 Montaditos is to talk about a unique product in which quality and originality are our hallmark. One of the keys to the menu’s success is bread; it's unique bread with a patented recipe that is also baked at the moment when the customer places the order. It is traditional bread, which is always served warm and crunchy, made with our exclusive formula at a great price.

The 100 varieties of ingredients are undoubtedly another of the secrets of the brand success.







The Experience

From when your name is announced through the loudspeakers, everything becomes surprises and bites of happiness. Coming to 100 Montaditos is the fun itself. The large amount of options makes the ritual of choosing your order become a classic tradition among consumers in Spain and around the world.

A Profitable Business

100 Montaditos has conquered the market and has positioned itself both in the minds of consumers and investors: it has become the first option to undertake franchising. In short, our brand surprises people with its way of understanding Spanish gastronomy in a fun environment.

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